Big Fat Turkey Coloring Pages

The crossover consisted of American Dad!, King of the Hill, and Family Guy characters. It starts in Quahog when the Griffins visit their new neighbors, the Smiths (from American Dad!), living in Cleveland’s old house. Peter is then shot by Stan Smith for revealing Roger’s identity to Quagmire. Peter then wakes up in his bed and discovered it was a dream. At that moment, Hank walks into the bedroom questioning, “Hey, Lois, what’s that fat man doing in our bed?” Next, the scene cuts to Hank waking up in his bed saying, “Ugh, damn it, I always wake up before I find out if they can understand the baby!” The episode opens with a King of the Hill-styled opening involving Quagmire, Peter, Joe, and Brian replacing Boomhauer, Hank, Bill, and Dale at their respective spots in “The Alley”.

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