Front End Loader Coloring Pages

Front End Loader are an Australian rock band which formed in December 1991 with founding mainstays, Bowden Campbell on guitar and vocals; Davis Claymore on lead vocals and guitar; Richard Corey on bass guitar; and Peter Kostic on drums. Front End Loader have issued six studio albums, Front End Loader (June 1993), Let’s Ride! (March 1995), Last of the V8 Interceptors (August 1997), How Can We Fail When We’re So Sincere? (March 2002), Ritardando (6 May 2011)and Neutral Evil (2018). At the ARIA Music Awards of 2011 Front End Loader won an award for Ritardando as Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Album. Kostic has also drummed for fellow Australian groups Regurgitator (1999–present) and The Hard-Ons (2002–2011).

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