Lego Creator Coloring Pages

The original theme called Creator was launched in 2001 and had over-sized minifigures, such as mascots Tina and Max, targeting a younger demographic but was discontinued after one year. In 2002, the Creator name was used for sets composed of buckets or tubs of generic Lego bricks, which later became “Make and Create” and then “Bricks and More”. In 2003, Creator began have theme-based sets, with bricks and instructions included to build multiple models based around a concept, such as vehicles or animals. In 2004, a theme called X-Pods had similar smaller builds included in travel-sized containers and was then branded under the Creator theme in 2006. The 2006 X-Pods were also the first Creator theme to use the “3-in-1” labeling on the packaging, which later became a primary feature of Creator sets. In 2007, the Creator line introduced two sets based around creating mosaics under a separate sub-theme. The theme began including Lego minifigures in sets based around buildings in 2011.

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