Megurine Luka Coloring Pages

On March 19, 2015, a new version of Luka developed for Vocaloid 4, called Megurine Luka V4X, was released containing a package of 6 vocals – 4 for Japanese and 2 for English. The Japanese vocals were “Hard”, “Soft”, “Hard EVEC” and “Soft EVEC” while the English vocals were titled “Straight” and “Soft”. Japanese vocals “HARD EVEC” and “Soft EVEC” utilized the new “E. V. E. C. ” (Enhanced Voice Expression Control) system for Piapro studio allowed delicate adjustments of phonetic sounds to change how a sound played. The EVEC “Colours” for Luka are; “Power 1”, “Power 2”, “Native”, “Whisper”, “Dark”, “Husky”, “Soft”, “Falsetto” and “Cute”. All 4 Japanese vocals could use the new “Cross-Synthesis” (“XSY”) system for Vocaloid4 together, while the 2 English ones could be cross-synthesized also with each other.

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