Nascar Racing Coloring Pages

The PlayStation port divided reviewers. A Next Generation stated that “NASCAR Racing is for the die-hard stock car racing fan who loves NASCAR so much they don’t care what kind of package it comes in. ” He cited dull visuals, the lack of a multiplayer mode, and inadequate attempts at realism. In contrast, Jeff Kitts of GameSpot hailed it as “stock car racing at its most realistic”, praising the authentic recreation of real life tracks, abundant options, realistic controls, and the accuracy of the PlayStation conversion. The two sports reviewers of Electronic Gaming Monthly held more of a middle ground position, with Dindo Perez saying that the PC version was a great title but had been surpassed in the years it took the game to reach the PlayStation, and Todd Mowatt remarking that “this game won’t win the checkered flag this time around, but it won’t run out of gas on you either. ” Both commented that the frame rate and general excitement of the game were lacking. GamePro’s Dr. Zombie noted the realistic touches to the game and the merely adequate graphics, controls, and sounds, and concluded that “this game will appeal more to diehard racing aficionados than to the casual gamer cruising for speed and action. ”

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