Soaring Eagle Coloring Pages

Riders begin their experience of the Soarin’ Eagle by boarding the four-across trains as they pass slowly along a moving walkway. The trains are originally upright so riders can walk up from behind and enter from a standing position. Each rider must select their desired height on a five rung series of ladder-like steps which determine how a rider will be positioned when the train tilts to the horizontal position upon leaving the station. Before departure, a cage is latched down over the backs of the trains to secure the riders for the duration of the trip. The train then heads up the spiral lift hill, which slowly twirls the train upward. After the lift, the train then heads down a short, steep drop and then ascends slowly back up. A hairpin turn then occurs and takes riders through the first Barrel Roll inversion. The train then hits another hairpin turn into another short drop. Another hairpin turn then leads the train into the second Barrel Roll and turns again.

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