Super Kid Coloring Pages

After collecting a reward for the capture of the two criminals the Super Kids are visited by the police chief and captain of planet Delta who brief them on their next mission. They are ordered to arrest Judowgi, the most violent monster in the galaxy who sold his family for a box of gold and causes anyone who hears his name to recoil in fear. The kids board a robot-shaped spaceship bound for the planet X7 (or Ligel, depending on the character), with Eunjoo sneaking on board. After landing on the swamp planet and searching for their bounty on a flying carpet, the Super Kids encounter a group of the planet’s native inhabitants, blasting a group of them before realising they are a friendly species. The natives tell Gokdari and the Super Kids of their enslavement to Judowgi, having to make regular sacrifices to the creature to feed him. The team then stage a plan to lure out Judowgi, disguising Gokdari as a sacrifice while Eunjoo documents the entire spectacle. Judowgi comes out of hiding as planned but the kids’ attempts at capturing him fail, as Judowgi’s protege Maio suddenly appears and battles the Super Kids. One by one the Super Kids are defeated by Maio, while Judowgi kidnaps Eunjoo and escapes. Maio warns Gokdari that the Captain’s warrant for Judowgi is merely a ruse, and warns of Cacuruse, Judowgi’s rival who merely waits for his defeat so he can take Judowgi’s fortune for himself. He also tells Gokdari that the Captain is Cacuruse in disguise and that the Super Kids must defeat him before trying to battle Judowgi again.

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