Team Titans Go Coloring Pages

The series itself ended with no ending; it is revealed (in ambiguous fashion) that the team’s mysterious leader was Hank Hall, the traitorous Teen Titan Hawk, aka Monarch aka Extant. In Zero Hour #2, the near 600 plus team (sans Terra and Mirage) suddenly are seen in the distant past and present attacking the heroes gathered to fight against Extant and his master, Hal Jordan. In the future, Terra and Mirage are held at bay by Metamorpho as the Justice League International, Legion of the Super-Heroes, and the Time Trapper stop the entropy rift from destroying New Earth. Time Trapper then sends the 20th century heroes home; somehow, the closure of the rift in the 30th century causes a butterfly effect negating the timeline that spawned the Team Titans, the main team (sans Terra and Mirage, protected by being in the time stream at the time) to cease to exist off-panel. The only other character introduced in the book, Deathwing, survived this sudden erasure of the Team Titans from existence.

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